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Posted on Oct 25, 2018 in Small Business

Alcohol or Drug Abuse in The Workplace – How to Identify It?

Alcohol or Drug Abuse in The Workplace – How to Identify It?

Addiction can contribute enormously to reducing employee’s ability and capacity to contribute to your company’s development and profitability. In terms of economic concerns, an addiction can make an entire team fail to deliver on time and successfully. It can lead to a drop in productivity, a spike in absenteeism and significantly higher costs associated with healthcare.

In human terms, this may lead to relationship issues, severe emotional problems and depression, which also contribute to lower productivity levels in the workplace. Addiction impacts every aspect of one’s life and it can be heartbreaking. Below are some tips that will help you identify with high rates of accuracy addiction in your employees and how to help them overcome those.


Possible signs of addiction in the workplace

There are numerous symptoms that will help you successfully identify an addict in the workplace. Below are some of those.

  • A dramatic change in work performance;
  • A drop in work attendance;
  • Mood swings, attitude changes, oftentimes unexplained ones;
  • Withdraw from social interactions or responsibility;
  • Unusual behavior, patterns they didn’t show previously;
  • Defensive attitude when the subject of addiction comes up.

These signs are notices in both alcoholic and substance addicts. If you notice some of these, you may want to suggest luxury treatment centers for drug abuse. However, the signs may vary depending on the substance your employee is addicted to. Below is more information on this topic.

Marijuana addiction signs

Besides the already known sign of the munchies after a session of smoking marijuana, there are other tell-tale signs you don’t want to overlook. Bloodshot eyes, lethargy, sleepiness, a lack of coordination, an appetite for chit-chat, a lack of focus. The experts at multiple drug rehab centers for recovery claim that these are some of the most common signs.

Valium addiction

If the employee is tasked to a safety-focused job, then valium addiction might be dangerous in their case. Common signs are hostility, poor coordination, drowsiness, amnesia, blurred vision, reduced inhibitions.

Alcohol addiction

Alcohol abuse has other warning signs than the ones presented above. Those abusing alcohol may have an unkempt appearance, irrational behavior, tremors, bloodshot eyes, they may smell like alcohol, they may display aggressive behavior and have temper outbursts.

Whatever signs you identify in one of your employees, make sure that you discuss with them and propose some reliable and appropriate therapies for them.

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Posted on Aug 23, 2018 in Small Business

Starting your own food processing company – Important considerations

Starting your own food processing company – Important considerations

The food industry is one of the most challenging sectors you could consider for your first business. Regardless, the levels of satisfaction that business owners experience once they realize that their products are widely used by the target audience are difficult to compare with anything else. However, no matter how well-trained in food matters you might be, you have to consider some important aspects.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

Canned foods or other processed foods have to meet different standards than your competition. From the quality of your products to the packaging and labelling process, you have to make sure that something is different from your competition. Invest in better Etikettskrivere and make sure to create an amazing design for all your labels. This will translate into an attractive method to draw attention to your company. In some cases, if you have some smartly designed labels, they will also act as a great marketing tool. Also, you have to make sure that your recipes and the final quality of your products exceed the quality of your competition.

Test your products before mass-manufacturing them

Make sure to test how good the equipment which you plan to invest in is. A perfect seal will assure higher rates of resilience and the taste of your foods. Organize a pop-up stand in a local market or supermarket and ask passersby to taste some samples. Listen closely to their feedback and adapt your recipe or strategy. However, never invest in equipment such as sealers or Blekkstråleskrivere without consumer feedback.

Familiarize yourself with all your industry’s regulations

In the food processing industry, there are certain regulations that all enterprises have to meet. There may be basic legal regulations which you have to consider, food safety regulations, quality standards that you have to meet and internal processes that you have to thoroughly follow. Make sure to discuss with a specialist these legal matters, since they will be able to better advise you in your journey. After all, even breweries have to follow certain strict regulations, starting with their mikrobryggeri utstyr and continuing with the ingredients used in the process.

Learn from other’s mistakes and success stories

Find a mentor and listen to their advice. Advisable would be to find a mentor in the industry, as they have plenty of experience to share. Most likely, they will be able to share some of their biggest mistakes, but also their strategies and approaches that led to their company’s success. You can also enroll in a mentorship program. This will work on the same philosophy as finding a mentor yourself does. Make sure to find the most approachable strategy for your own particular case.

These are some incredible pieces of advice and considerations that you should follow when planning to start your own food processing business. Make sure to search for the best pieces of equipment, for incredible products, but also search for appropriate consultancy services. You will need those for legal matters as well as to receive a better insight into the industry.

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Posted on Jun 12, 2017 in Small Business

Infallible tips to have a successful seafood restaurant

Infallible tips to have a successful seafood restaurant

Seafood restaurants are becoming more and more popular. Seafood is a healthy alternative for people who love light food or want a change in their menu, therefore opening a seafood restaurant would be a smart idea. In order to have a successful enterprise there are some tips you should consider.

Think about the restaurant’s specificity

It is important to know exactly what type of food you are going to use in your restaurant. You can specialize in sushi or buy frozen fish that is always fresh and mix it with other specific or international dishes. This is essential, especially if there are many seafood restaurants in your area.

Analyse the competition

When you plan to start a business, one of the first things you must consider is the competition. It is necessary to check the area where you want to open your restaurant to see if there are competitors and if it is possible to start there. If you see that the competition is big, maybe you should change your location and look for a place where there are less competitors.

Consider your budget

Another important factor you should take in consideration is the budget you are going to spend in the incipient years of opening your restaurant. Think about how much money you will need to pay your employees, the utilities, the rent and so on. Always keep extra money for unexpected expenses. The budget you are going to spend at the beginning could be high, but after a while, you will receive it back tenfold.

Promote your restaurant

To make your seafood restaurant more popular it is necessary to promote it in every possible way. It is normal for people not to know about your place, especially at the beginning, so the best way to promote it is to use local media, radio stations, specialized sites and social networks.

Always use high quality products

When it comes to restaurants, besides the atmosphere, location and staff one important thing is to offer your costumers high quality, fresh food and ingredients. If customers complain about the freshness or taste of your food, there is a big chance that your business is going down, and you surely do not want that. Also, invest in high quality décor, furniture and dishes.

Invest time in your employees

Your staff plays a significant role in having a successful business. Customers are always satisfied when they are treated right. Teach your employees to be nice and respectful with the people who are eating at your restaurant. In addition, always see your employees as part of your team and appreciate their work. Remember that you cannot run a business by yourself, so treat the ones that are part of that with respect.

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Posted on Jun 2, 2017 in Small Business

What fields of activity require the services of a metal pressing company?

What fields of activity require the services of a metal pressing company?

Despite the fact that metal pressing has been used for many decades now, the technologies used to achieve it have constantly evolved, not only increasing the efficiency of the process, but also making it accessible for more fields. Nowadays, metal pressings are used in many industries, making this service essential for clients everywhere. Although it might not be the clearest topic for a person who is not mechanically inclined, you should definitely know about its basics if you operate in one of the fields below:


Oil industry

It seems that the oil industry is constantly growing and all countries where oil is extracted need a solid infrastructure to support this activity. Many tools and equipment are used for this complex process, but metal machinery is an essential part of it. As a result, metal pressing companies frequently work with oil extracting companies to provide durable stainless steel products.


The military

Requirements are very high in the military industry, so every item made of metal needs to be superior in terms of durability. For this reason, the Government works only with the best companies in the metal pressing field for contracts in national defense.


Public lighting

Every city needs streetlights, and apart from the lights themselves, they also need a sturdy metal base that can withstand daily wear and tear. Because streetlights are exposed to the elements, they can be damaged by rust and rain, so the metal needs to be high quality.



Car manufacturers collaborate with metal pressing companies to obtain metal components for vehicles. Some examples of components include carburetors and levers. These are made of steel and they need to be extra durable so that the car can function perfectly for a few years.


Warehouse shelving

Places such as supermarkets, which have large storage spaces, require warehouse shelving to keep their items. Although shelves can be made from other materials too, metal is often the preferred choice because it is more resistant and it can hold heavy loads. Moreover, these metal shelves can also be used to keep products on display.


Electrical engineering

Last, not least, metal pressing companies collaborate with client in the electrical field to provide all sorts of terminals and boxes. Additionally, after supplying these products, they also keep in touch to provide maintenance for fixings and make sure that everything stays in good condition.

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Posted on Nov 21, 2016 in Small Business

Take your real estate investment career to another level with 1031 exchanges

Take your real estate investment career to another level with 1031 exchanges

If you have been dedicating your time and money to the real estate market, then you probably know already how advantageous it can be, from a financially point of view. However, with so many responsibilities adding up, and so many taxes to pay, you probably do not get out of your career everything that you would desire. However, you should know that the real estate market is rather versatile, and it puts at your disposal various possibilities. One of them is the real estate 1031 exchange program. This option will allow you to enjoy the perks of property investments in a more convenient and financially-friendly way, allowing you to take your career one step further, and continue building wealth. Here are some essential details you should know on the topic.


Deferring taxes

Once you start researching the topic more deeply, you will learn that a 1031 exchange gives you the chance to defer some of the taxes you usually have to pay when buying a property. Because you will be exchanging, and not buying a building, you can avoid various tax payments. Of course, you need to handle the process carefully, in order to take advantage of this possibility, but with some professional help, you will manage to obtain a new property, while escaping taxes.

Profit increase

Besides the possibility of avoiding to pay some expensive taxes on the properties you are buying, 1031 exchanges give you the chance to increase your profits in other ways as well. Perhaps you have a building or a land parcel that currently does not bring you any money. Well, if you choose this program, you might have the chance to exchange your property with another that can bring you more financial benefits. This is one of the reasons why many investors work with 1031 exchanges, so you might want to give it a go yourself.

Management relief

One last aspect, which is certainly not one to neglect, is the management relief you will have the possibility to benefit from. Once you become the owner of a building, you would normally need to handle a long list of responsibilities and management duties. Well, with 1031 exchanges, all the management tasks involved will not be solely your responsibility. Depending on the type of contract your will be signing, you can obtain a management relief, while still making a profit. Discuss with a specialist and you will understand exactly how this type of program works.

Because real estate investments can be so profitable, giving you the chance to build wealth, if you want to reduce your responsibilities, while not compromising on profit, give this option a try. After researching the topic, and understanding all the benefits that you can obtain through this type of real estate program, you will certainly want to try it yourself. Moreover, you can choose to work with a team of specialists, who know all the ins and outs of 1031 exchanges, if you want everything to go as smoothly as you desire.

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Posted on Oct 4, 2016 in Small Business

The benefits of a cargo alliance

The benefits of a cargo alliance

Transport services represent one of the best ideas of business in the 21th century society, due to the fact that there are a lot of things and materials the people want to move from one part the other and they need some professional services. This is the reason why there are a lot of companies that offer such services. But, in order to be successful the best idea is to join a cargo alliance.

Advantages of joining a cargo alliance


The first important thing is that you have the opportunity to share a common list of clients. But don’t you think that conflicts may appear because, usually, the territories are delimited. This happens due to the fact that those who handle those types of business are trying to encourage the spirit of cooperation. So, if you are the member who is situated in the closest location of a delivery area, the coordinators will pick you up to handle the job. Of course, if you are busy with another client, you can pass the task to someone else who is available.


Secondly, the purpose of a cargo alliance is to form a reliable partnership. Usually, there are dozens of companies who deal with transportation services from all over the world and they decide to enjoy such a group in order to have a more successful activity. Of course, maybe you have been thinking to form a cargo alliance yourself, but you may discover that it is very difficult to find some trustworthy persons.


Thirdly, the coordinators of the cargo alliance usually organize an annually meeting where all the members are invited in order to discuss the methods of a better coordination for their activities. Also, the purpose of a meeting is to find out solutions for tendering for largest contracts.


Fourthly, another important advantage is represented by the protection in case there are some unpaid invoices. So, if a member isn’t able to pay his part, there is a certain amount of money which is called “compensation” in order to help you not to lose money.


Last but not least, if you decide to make such an important step, you have to know that this can improve your communication skills a lot, due to the fact that usually the alliance communication system is highly upgraded. You can know precisely where the location of other members is in case you want to ask for help and support.


Things to consider before you join a cargo alliance


  • Don’t forget to ask about a free trial. There are logistics alliances that can offer you some discounts that can last up to six months or even more.
  • Read the rules before you sign the contract of a cargo alliance.
  • If you have any doubts, you can decide to cancel the whole procedure or to ask more questions for making things clear.
  • Don’t forget to ask about your own contribution. Maybe there is a membership tax that you have to pay or maybe you have to pay an annual contribution.
  • Take into consideration the fact that there are cargo alliances that allow only the partnership with the leaders from any area.
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