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Posted on Apr 12, 2016 in Small Business

Things to keep in mind when searching for marketing companies

Things to keep in mind when searching for marketing companies

Owning a company comes with a series of great benefits, but at the same time with many responsibilities too. Managers have to make sure they have a strong marketing campaign to promote their business and make it know to the large public, especially if they own a small company. In a world where competition is harsh, regardless of the domain, managers have to look for the best marketing companies to help them with this matter. No matter how much you try, you simply cannot manage your business and organize a strong marketing campaign at the same time, so you need to seek for help at other companies that provide this type of services.


Big marketing companies are not always the best ones

This is the first thing you have to take into account when searching for a marketing company. Even though the marketing company that have caught your attention is one of the biggest on the marketplace, this does not mean that you will benefit from the highest quality services. Keep in mind that they have numerous clients at a time and they have to please them all, in one way or another. Choose a company that can focus on your business, understand the targeted group and design a strong marketing campaign for you.

Are they good at SEO?

When you look for ‘Internet marketing’ or ‘SEO’ online, you expect to see the best rated companies in this domain. However, some of these companies might only be highly rated and they might not offer good quality services. Make sure the agency you choose is actually good at SEO and they do not pretend to be good only to get more clients.

Try to look for an agency that is specialized in your domain

The online is full of numerous marketing companies that are specialized in certain domains, so why not try to look for an agency that operates in the same field as your company. It will be a lot easier to work with such an agency, because the agents will understand your business a lot better and will know exactly what things to emphasize in order to reach the targeted group. If you choose an agency that claims to be ‘good at everything’, this might not be as efficient as you expect. Agencies that say they can handle every domain lose a great deal of time in documenting about the industry in which some of their clients operate, which only leads to a waste of time not only for them, but also for their clients.

Document about the agency

After you have decided upon a marketing company, you should find out more about it. Do some research online, look at the testimonials and case studies of that agency to learn more about it. Ask for clients recommendation or read comments on various blogs to see whether the agency you are about to work with has received positive or negative feedback from previous clients. It is worth mentioning that nearly every Internet marketing company has case studies, but the secret is to look out for the relevant ones.

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Posted on Mar 25, 2016 in Small Business

Develop your small business plan with PR strategies

Develop your small business plan with PR strategies

Nowadays, no company can survive without a strong communications plan. This includes marketing directions, advertising strategies and of course, public relations activities. Although a lot of people tend to forget about the last one, there are a lot of situations when the right PR actions can get your business out of trouble. Fortunately, the domain is extremely flexible and versatile, allowing communication professionals to make use of a wide variety of practices, not only for large corporations but also for small firms. Even if they are efficient, PR strategies will not deliver immediate results and are not always easily quantified. When it comes to small businesses, you have to be aware of the fact that it takes time to develop and build a strong brand, but the right PR activities will definitely contribute to that. Do not expect to see a huge growth in sales or a boom in your web traffic, but keep in mind that collaborating with a professional company such as Keep Left will lead to a gradual evolution. Here are some reliable PR related strategies you can integrate in your development plan:


Networking should not always be something official. So only for some time, try to forget about closing deals, signing contracts or establishing partnerships and allow yourself (and your company) to interact with other professionals in the industry you serve without necessarily expecting something. Reaching new niches and groups will help you get closer to your target audience and find the added value your business needs. Any networking event is a chance for you to extract some professional tips, so take advantage of this as much as you can. Get involved in local events and use the data you get to come up with new strategies.

Allow yourself to be creative

If you want to be in the public’s attention, then you should constantly come up with something new. Innovation and creativity are the key to success regardless your field of activity, be it food industry, IT, real estate, tech or retail. Make use of traditional media (TV, newspapers, magazines etc), but allow yourself to explore new territories. By combining these, you will see that soon enough you will manage to boost your localized public. A great idea would be to customise your strategies according to your target audience and the particular industry you are addressing to.

Search new advertising means

Do not settle for what you already have! In order to get what you never had, you must try something you have never tried. So start looking for new opportunities to issue press releases and generate social media materials. This way, you get a greater market reach and raise awareness about your goods or services. Soon enough, your PR efforts will be rewarded. For small businesses, any event is important, because it is an advertising opportunity. That is why you should seek public events that have an informative role for the audience – these are the ones which help you expand your market reach.


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Posted on Mar 23, 2016 in Small Business

Reusing rosette ribbons

Reusing rosette ribbons

People have started buying ribbons and bows for all kinds of reasons. Some use them in commercial purposes, to offer clients a different type of packaging, in flower shops or gift stores, while others have discovered just how simple it is to decorate and embellish the aspect of your home by means of these items. Therefore, ribbons of all kinds are highly sought after. The rosette ribbons UK market is just as popular and people invest in this type of product year after year. However, for many of them reusing the rosettes purchased the previous year seems to be an impossible mission, impossible to complete. This means that you have to find something else to do with them. Here are three ideas you might put in practice and start reusing your collection of rosettes.


Wall decoration wit rosettes


If you value the events held year after year in which you receive a rosette, then you could make the memory count even more. Here is how you could achieve this goal. You could easily create a painting out of the rosettes received. Simply pin them or glue them onto a white canvas, preferably a large one, if the rosettes come in a large number and place it on one of the walls of the house. This way, you could value the ribbons and decorate your home cheap and easy.


Napkin holders


This is a fun idea, especially if you discover that you enjoy to have people over for dinner. Because you will have to arrange the table, you could boast a bit about your prizes. Turn the rosette into a napkin holder. Simply add a bit more material so you can wrap the bow around the napkin. This way, your table will be a cheerful one and each dinner together with friends will be a pleasant event. At least, as far as conversation is concerned, there will be always something to talk about your achievements.


Fun Halloween costume


If you are looking for a different and fun looking Halloween costume, you could become a walking rosette. Simply place the rosettes earned onto a T-shirt. You can glue them or saw them. Sometimes a Halloween costume is really all about being creative, about bringing something new and this could be the idea you are looking for.


Hopefully these ideas are of some help to you and can offer you an idea about how to reuse the rosettes you already own.


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Posted on Mar 11, 2016 in Small Business

Rug cleaning essential tips

Rug cleaning essential tips

Rugs are instantly changing the look of a room, and lately more and more interior designers choose to install them, even in offices. However, an office is an area where many people come and go every day, and the rugs placed there have to benefit from a special care and maintenance, in order to maintain their properties. Therefore, the manager of the building should take into consideration talking with a specialised cleaning company and see which products and equipment are needed for maintaining the rug state. There are some companies, which provide rug cleaning equipment suited for being used for all carpet types. Here are some tips that can help any person maintain the good state of the rug.


Choose the cleaning products according to the rug type

There are many types of rugs on the market, and every one of them needs to be cleaned with specialised products, which will not damage its properties. The classification of rugs is made according to the materials used to manufacture them, their colours, patterns and other features. Therefore, in case you have to clean a rug, you have to know from which fabric is made, in order to decide what products you should buy. In addition, there are some products, which might affect the colours of the carpet, and in case you have a colourful rug, you should select a product that is especially designed for it. Professional companies offer products which can be used to a wide variety of carpets, because their developers are aware that in an office building there might be many different types of rugs, and the cleaning person might get overwhelmed if he has to use a special one for every on of them. These universal products might not harm your rug, but you have to read its specifications before using it, for being sure that you do not use the wrong cleaning substance.

Invest in cleaning equipment

The key to beautiful and long lasting carpet is to properly clean it. Therefore, you should invest in cleaning equipment which is used on a regularly base to maintain the state of the rugs in your office. Every day the cleaning operator from your office should use the vacuum cleaner after you leave the building. In case you have more than one rug in your office, it is wise to invest in a carpet cleaning machinery, with suitable accessories, because the cleaning person will need a lot of help in cleaning them.

No time for cleaning? Talk with specialists

In case you do not have time to choose the products and equipment needed for maintaining the state of your rugs, you should contract a specialised cleaning company, to handle these actions. You have the option to contract a professional team which will come and clean them on a regularly basis, or you can hire them to take the rugs from your office and clean them. They will bring them back clean and nice looking and you can use them as if they were new.

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Posted on Mar 9, 2016 in Small Business

Set up your handmade business in your own garage

Set up your handmade business in your own garage

Many aficionados for DIY projects are dreaming about the moment they will found their own handmade business and will start to make a living from it. However, this is not as difficult as many would think it is. You can start your handmade business in your own garage and you can use garage storage shelving units to deposit your products and to have easy access to them anytime you need it. In case you are thinking to quit your office job, leave the corporate system and start a business on your own where you can do exactly what you love, you should read some useful information and tips below.

Choose what handmade products to sell

The first step in this process is related to choosing the handmade products you would like to sell. It is important to do what you like the most. Whether you like origami, crocheting or other crafts, you should resort to the one that brings you the most joy. Many people claim that producing handmade products helps them calm and be more patient, so you should bear this in mind when choosing the type of handmade products you are going to make. It is also important to take into account the materials you need for each project, and to make sure you have a local store or an online store where you can refill your stock every time you need.

Use storage shelving units

Those who embark on do-it-yourself projects know that they have to choose a place to store all those products and probably the best option in this case is to resort to storage shelving units and install these units in the garage. You would not want to spread all your handmade products all over the house, having a few products in each room, because this might only drive your partner and children crazy, not to mention that young children can accidentally damage your products. In order to prevent all these from happening, it is recommended to take your entire collection to your garage. Having some shelving units will definitely help you, because this way you can keep your things organized and you will know where each product is placed. It is easier this way to expose your collection all at once and show it to people who are interested in it.

What are the advantages?

Because it is a small business, there is no need for a big place to run it, because the activity can be done from home. However, you should still have a private space outside the walls of your house where you can do your job without being interrupted by other members of your family. Moreover, you might need a proper space that is bigger than a regular room, and in this case, the garage is the best option for you. It is important to say that probably the biggest advantage of setting up your business in the garage is that you will not have any extra costs as in the case of renting a different place for founding your company. You have no other bills to pay, which saves you a great deal of money.

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Posted on Jan 21, 2016 in Small Business

Tips to start a recruitment business

Tips to start a recruitment business

If you are one of those persons who are eager to start a recruitment business, you should know that there are several things you have to bear in mind. First, you should know what the things a recruitment agency deals with are, learn how to run this business and what goals you should have. These are only a few steps that would lead you to success. In the beginning, you can take your inspiration from other recruitment agencies. For instance, you can search the Internet for a certain recruitment agency Brisbane and see how they do their work.

Type of recruitment services

Recruitment agencies provide services to various companies that want to recruit new personnel, so the main purpose of these agencies is to find highly qualified candidates to fit the vacant jobs of those companies. Before starting a recruitment business, you should establish the domain on which you want to focus. You can choose from fields such as IT, technology, logistics, food industry, finance and so on. Focusing on only certain domains increases the chances for you to develop and become the best on the market in recruiting personnel for a specific category.  Check whether there is a demand for the domain, which you have just selected.

Start-up costs

Start-up costs are very important when starting a business. You must have sufficient finances in order to be sure everything goes the way you planned. You should calculate the potential costs of your recruitment stuff, insurance, marketing, but you should also take into account other expenses that might appear. Make sure you have enough money to start and sustain your business for several months at least.

Be in accordance with the law

When starting any business, even one related to recruitment, make sure you do everything in accordance with the law. Check whether you need a business license to start a recruitment agency, and you can even ask your local government with this respect. Learn about what business taxes you need to pay, but also learn about those that do not have to be paid.

Hire recruitment stuff

Even though you are the one who starts the recruitment business, you have to agree with the fact that you cannot do everything all alone, so consider hiring recruitment personnel. Look only for professionals in order to make your business successful and increase the chances of development as soon as possible. You can place ads on various sites or in the local newspaper. You might need persons that can help you with the recruitment tasks, but also people to help you with the administrative tasks.

Build up a marketing plan

You have to create a marketing plan and the first step is making a list that includes potential clients. Whether these clients are companies from a certain domain of expertise, or companies that provide services in various industries, make sure you can convince them to hire your agency.

These are only few steps you need to take into consideration when starting a recruitment agency. Make sure that you have everything established in detail in order to ease the process.

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