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Posted on Jan 21, 2016 in Financial

Why should international freight companies join an organization?

Importing and exporting represent key elements of lucrative businesses, reason why international shipping is such a great trade opportunity. Nonetheless, it is virtually impossible to become a successful international freight company if you do not take care of the logistics part. Although you may ship under your own bills, you still need agents or associates at the destination, meaning overseas carriers. Almost thousands of companies worldwide are becoming members of certain organizations. Such trade associations that operate within the industry focus on the collaboration between various international freight companies. Should you become member of such an alliance?

You can enhance your reputation

Almost anyone is capable of shipping a package to people in the world, not everyone has global recognition. If you join an alliance, then you instantly get worldwide recognition. Trade associations are defined as professional organizations that have both certifications and credentials, meaning they can help you build consumer confidence in your services. Just by being a member of such an organization, you are provided the possibility of promoting your firm. A freight organization has everything that a brand is supposed to have, meaning a strong logo, customized brochures and of course marketing materials that will come in handy for changing the perceptions your customers have of you.

Establishing personal connections

By participating in the annual meeting of the cargo association, your business actually gains access to new customers. The main reason why you should choose to join a group is that you are able to get business ideas and reach out to other markets as well. If you do not cooperate with others, then you cannot secure a strong position, not to mention exchange shipments. The simple act of being involved in a network provides you with valuable control and visibility, but most importantly protection because you gain strategic partners. So, take some time and participate in a member meeting if you want the chance of forming long-lasting business relationships.

Business productivity

The fact is that many professional associations help their members grow their business and their overall success. In order to do so, the organizations provide them a wide range of resources they can use and of course services. In the freight forwarding industry, you cannot do without tools such as cargo tracking systems or carrier schedules, being available through the association. Besides the fact that you can provide your customers with some peace of mind, you can improve your knowledge regarding the standards and practice of the industry. The process is very much similar to training. Even though there are membership fees that you have to pay, they are affordable for companies wishing to apply.

To sum up, if you want your business to remain competitive, then you should get involved in partnership because they will ensure you greater flexibility and power. Since most freight organizations are non-profit, the means and benefits that they provide are totally worth the fee you have to pay. Only by working with others will you be able to compete with multinationals.