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Posted on Aug 30, 2016 in Small Business

Why food photography is so important for promoting your restaurant

Having a very strong marketing campaign is the key to a successful business and when it comes to restaurants, more than 70% of the campaign is held in the online. Food photography is highly important for advertising restaurants, which is why many restaurant owners invested a great deal of money in it in the past years. However, as easy as this might sound, it is recommended to hire a food photographer in order to benefit from the best results, so a quick research on the internet to look for a professional is mandatory and websites such as might be a good starting point.


Make the service tangible through photos

In order to increase the number of customers coming at your restaurant, it is important to provide them a glimpse of the dishes you can offer them once they walk into the restaurant. You can make your service tangible through food photography. Your customers will know how the dish they want to order is supposed to look like once they see a picture of it in the menu, which believe it or not, increases the chances for them to actually order that dish.

Your brand has its own personality – promote it

Food photography is a great way to express your brand’s personality and a way of communicating with your customers. Whether your restaurant’s personality is playful, bespoke, minimalist or high-end, make sure you capture the essence and offer your customers an idea upon how the atmosphere is like within your restaurant. Ask your food photographer to take photos while cooking the dishes for instance to show customers the attention and care that goes into all dishes.

Pictures speak a thousand words

Even though this might sound like an old cliché, you have to agree that it is actually true, since pictures do speak a thousand words. People react better to seeing a photo of certain dishes a restaurant prepares rather than listening to their friends or acquaintances that have been to that specific restaurant describing the food they tasted there. Customers will be more interested in tasting a certain dish at your restaurant after seeing a picture of it rather than hearing about it from someone else.

Food photography – the best online advertising method

Food photography is a great method to promote restaurants on the internet, since numerous people nowadays have access to it and have accounts on popular social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. What is more, Instagram is a must-have in your marketing campaign.