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Posted on Jun 30, 2015 in Business Tips

What to do to get the most out of working with recruitment agencies

The economic crisis has really pressured many people to start looking for jobs and most of them are unable to find satisfactory employment opportunities. They simply do not know why it is so hard to get employer and ultimately, many people turn to recruitment agencies in order to help them finally land a job. A good agency can provide valuable advice on how to perform at an interview, not to mention the fact that it knows what auto technicians jobs are available on the market. Practically the staffing firm represents the candidate’s interests and in order to have a fruitful collaboration it is important to understand a few basic facts.

What the recruiter really does

Starting collaboration with a recruiter implies applying for a job through the intermediary of the staffing firm. The recruiter basically represents the company that is interested to make hiring and the recruiter has to make sure that the candidate will comply with all the requirements of the employer. The first step that needs to be taken is to send your resume together with references to the agency.  The resume will be introduced in their data base, so in case there are no jobs available at the time, you can expect to be contacted in the future if a position is empty. In addition to this, it is important to be truly sincere in the resume and recognize if you are in a delicate position. This goes for the interview and be sure that the recruiter will make a background check on you.

Deciding what you want

If you have not yet made up your mind about your future prospects, now is the time to do it. Tell the recruiter what job or jobs you might be interested in so as to narrow the search. If the recruiter does not know what area you desire to work in, he cannot find a suitable job. In addition to this, the candidate should always know what salary expectations they have and mention if they are willing to relocate or commute. Attention must be paid to the fact that many recruitment agencies are specialized in certain domains of activity so that you will only get good results if you collaborate with an agency oriented towards your field of specialization.

In conclusion, there might not be an immediate job opening and many candidates have to wait some time before an opportunity reveals itself. A good advice is to constantly send the recruiter update on your current activity and do not refuse any job offer based on first impression.