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Posted on Nov 21, 2015 in Business Marketing

What is a staffing agency?


If you run a business and you need to hire new personnel, you may find yourself torn between employing someone yourself or hiring a professional recruitment company. Also known as staffing agencies or job placement firms, these are the best option you have if you need outsourcing for your human resources needs. Broadly, all these titles designate a company that makes sure the selection process is streamlined and any employer can find the most suitable candidate for a certain position. Job searching and selecting process may be difficult for ordinary individuals, which is why these agencies come to the rescue. The recruiters will work hard to find the perfect candidate for you, striving to understand your needs while also keeping you up to date with the selection process.


What does a staffing agency do?

There are many types of such companies, depending on their field of activity. Some of them are able to provide recruiting services for a wide range of domains (including IT, finance, constructions, engineering etc), while others are specialised in a narrower job field (which may be any of the ones mentioned before). If you are trying to hire an experienced, senior-level employee, then the best thing you could do is collaborate with an executive search firm Toronto, specialised in your particular field of activity. This agency will have more knowledge and expertise in selecting the perfect person for your vacancy. To begin with, you will have to meet a representative of the staffing firm, in order to explain them everything about your company and the position you need a candidate for.


How does the recruiter work for the candidates?

Besides helping the employer find the perfect match, the recruiters also work for those who are looking for a job. They often provide guidance on CV writing or interview skills, especially for those who have no experience at all. Although creating a resume may seem something very easy, most of the times people make silly mistakes, so they could use the help of a professional recruiter. There are certain keywords that need to be included in order to catch the reader’s attention, but ordinary people may not know this. In addition to this, the staff can also offer specialised advice related to the most suitable vacancies the candidate should apply for, depending on their background and skills.


Why should you collaborate with a recruiting firm?

As an employer, choosing a recruiting company to select people on your behalf is a great method through which you can save money, time and efforts. Since this firm has been in the industry for many years, they probably have a wide network of contacts and a pool of applicants to choose from. This means that you will have access to the best candidates and also the most thorough selection process. The interviews will be held by an expert, who is able to identify all the qualities you are looking for in an efficient employee. All in all, finding a professional staffing agency may be as important as finding the right person.