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Posted on Apr 12, 2016 in Business Tips

What can lie detectors be used for?

A lie detector, also known as polygraph instrument, is a device used to establish, based on scientific criteria, whether a person is telling the truth or lying. Contrary to the common belief, it is not the machine per-se the one that delivers the results: what it actually does is analyse a series of signals and changes of the human body, in rapport to normal conditions. These are the proofs assessed by a specialised examiner, who is entitled to have the final call. During the interrogation, individuals are likely to go through various emotions, which indicate their level of anxiety and help specialists realise if they are sincere or not. Respiratory or heart rate, as well as blood pressure are great indicators very useful for examiners. The huge popularity of lie detectors is due to their versatility, since the device can be used in many domains, for several purposes. Read on to discover some of the most common uses of the polygraph instrument.


Domestic disputes and fidelity tests

Believe it or not, there are plenty of individuals using lie detectors to find out whether their partner is lying or cheating on them. Very often, domestic disputes have as a reason infidelity and lies, which is why a number of couples are nowadays taking advantage of this modern method, to solve their issues. Marital or partnership problems can be easily solved if the partners are submitted to a dedicated test, which delivers results that can no longer be questioned. This way, trust issues are no longer something that jeopardises the future of a relationship. If you need to prove your innocence, a Jeremy Kyle lie detector test is the most suitable option: it will enable your significant other to understand the situation so that your partnership can move on.


Pre-employment tests

Sometimes, for certain positions, employers have to test the reliability of their candidates before actually employing them. Most of the times, this happens if the potential employee has access to arms, private information or great amounts of money.  In case your business would be at risk if you hired someone with a shady past, then a pre-employment test using a professional detector becomes mandatory.  For this reason, some of the most reputable institutions or businesses that use confidential data about their clients have integrated a lie detection test in their comprehensive selection process.


Legal trials

When it comes to law suits, any proof becomes relevant in the hands of competent authorities. That is why during sexual offense or theft trials you will often see the defendant subjected to a specialised polygraph test. Since the process of finding whether they are guilty or not needs to be based on plenty of evaluation, assessment and evidence comparison, an experienced examiner is asked to be part of the trial. They will analyse the behaviour of the defendant during the lie detection test, their blood pressure variations and their emotional reactions, then inform the jury about their specialised opinion.