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Posted on Oct 23, 2013 in Business Tips

Tips to naming your business right

The success of any small business lies greatly on the name you choose for it. Choosing the right name can help you greatly when it comes to marketing and exposure, helping the audience not only engage with your product or service, but also gather a long lasting impression of it. In an ideal scenario, the name of a business would convey the value of the offering, as well as its uniqueness and expertise. There are many business and marketing specialists that have studied the impact of the business’ name on its success, as well as the targeted consumer market and have reached the conclusion that the best names are the abstract one, which allow potential customers or clients to create their own image, thus enhancing its sustainability. At the opposite end, others believe that a more appropriate name would be the informative kind that enables people to immediately recognize what your business is all about. Another discussion was set around the types of words used to create the name, as some specialists believe that made up words are significantly more memorable, while others insist that, since they are not part of the regular vocabulary, they are forgettable.


One of the first tips you can make great use of when trying to decide upon a business name is that any name can have the effect you want if you know how to promote it and you back it up by proper marketing strategy. Don’t get hung up on rules made by the various specialists in the field and just believe that you can make anything work with the right strategy in place. Of course, there is the alternative of resorting to expert help, highly experienced consultants who can help you not only come up with a suitable name, but also assist you in issues regarding trademark law. The disadvantage that comes with this alternative is obviously the cost, as such professional naming firms charge high rates for developing a business name. If you choose to take the high road and come up with a name yourself, then the first thing you need to consider is what you would like this name to communicate. When thinking about this part, you should keep in mind that a name which communicates plenty about your business to consumers will save you a lot of effort in having to explain it. Initials and strings of numbers are generally considered by experts to be poor choices.

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Creativeness is, without a doubt, a big part of finding the right name for your business, even if you choose to kick off the coined name idea and go for real words that people relate to. Many words have been already trademarked, but you can use morphemes, which are meaningful word segments that can be recognizable in many languages. A good example to that extent is the car make Acura, which is not a word that you can find in the dictionary, but the segment “Acu” relates to the meaning precise, leading to the thought of precision engineering, which is exactly what the owners intended.