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Posted on Dec 20, 2016 in Business Tips

Tips to have completely satisfied customers at your beauty salon

It is commonly known that most beauty salons are small, local businesses, but this does not mean that they cannot be successful and professional and attract large number of customers every month. In this industry, maintaining your customers completely satisfied can be quite a challenge, but in order to handle it, some managers have decided to invest money in salon software online that eases the booking process for both customers and people working at the salon. Here are some golden tips to consider if you want to have happy customers.


High quality products and services

The main rule to have a successful beauty salon business is to ensure the products and the services you provide your customers with are of the highest quality. Make sure you buy beauty products only from providers you can trust and in case you know none for the moment, you should start some detailed research and ask other people for some good recommendations. In order to be able to offer top quality services, you need top trained employees, so pay great attention to the ones you hire and ensure they have experience and vast knowledge in this domain.

Online booking software

Each customer likes to think they are the most important ones and that they are your favourite customers, so in order to keep this idea in their minds, you have to invest money in other things as well and one great example is an online booking app. At first sight, you may think that it is best to stick to the classical booking method – writing everything in a notebook – but what if the notebook gets lost or what if one of your employees books an appointment that overlaps on another appointment? With online software this does not happen, since every employee has access to the app and sees what everyone else sees in the online table. In order to benefit from this tool, you have to find the best designer on the market and to discuss with him or her what exactly you need for your beauty salon and how you would like the software to look like.


From time to time, it is best to ask your customers what they want, what is that they would bring new to the beauty salon in order to make it more convenient and welcoming for them or whether there is anything they would change after all. This can be done using some surveys that you can hand on to your customers the moment they walk into the beauty salon and wait in line for their appointments for instance. You can also send them emails and kindly ask them to take no more than 3 minutes of their time to complete the survey and submit it to you. Focus on emphasizing how important they actually are for you and that their opinions truly matter.

All in all, these are some golden tips you should keep in mind and consider if you are interested in maintaining your customers happy.