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Posted on Oct 23, 2013 in StartUp

Tips for shifting your business from start up to real growth

There are many entrepreneurs who have great business ideas and who succeed in making the transition from concept to product or service, but keep their business in start up phase for too much time, because they don’t take the necessary actions to grow and develop their business. Making this transition has two major junctures: planning and doing. When you feel you are ready to end the start up phase and move on, strategic planning is very important, so that you can be ready to face all the endeavors that the process entails. Below, you can find some tips to moving forward business wise, so that years from now you can look back and remember the times when your business meant you.

One of the first things you need to learn when you are taking your business out of start up mode is delegate. It is not a one man business anymore, so you need to start investing in people who can manage tasks that you can no longer do. You may live under the impression that employees cost money, which is not so far from the truth, but keeping your business still and not having the proper means to grow production will cost you even more. The second tip is to get as much attention as you can for your business. An important step to getting out of start up mode is for your business to become widely known. When you get attention for your company, you can also get critics, but that doesn’t matter as long as you prove them wrong and then, you will get admiration, which will significantly contribute to the development of your company.


The most useful advice that you can get in your endeavor to turn your business from a start up to a fully grown company is not to waste time, energy and resources on small things, when you’ve got bigger fish to fry. For instance, don’t obsess over choosing a new logo for your business when you’re premier goal is to gain more customers and make money. Branding and re-branding is a process that can evolve together with your business and details such as company logo can change along the way.


Furthermore, if you want to stop being a start up company, then you’ve got to stop thinking of yourself as one and stop presenting it to clients as one. Change your pitch from “I have a small PR company” to “ I own a PR company that brings innovation and unique features to the market, guaranteeing increased sales for your business”. This will allow clients to view your company as a confident and strong one, capable of delivering them the services they need. Last, but not least, you need to improve performance, so that products or services can be ready faster and create momentum for the business to evolve. Many specialists call creation of urgency, which is thought to be the key for getting things done.