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Posted on May 30, 2016 in Business Tips

Three essential florist ribbons you should have in your store

Having a flower shop is not easy, because there are plenty of this type of businesses around town, and you have to strive to be successful. The most important time of the year when you can make a statement on the market, is the wedding period, because brides always want to find the most breath-taking flower bouquets, and they are open to collaborate with a new name on the market, if they consider you experienced enough to offer them the bouquet they dream of. You should know that sometimes even the most beautiful bouquet needs a little accessory to transform it into a masterpiece, and you can do this by simply using florist ribbons. As it happens in the fashion industry, when every year a new trend is arising, the same is happening in this domain, so you should consider these three essential floral ribbons to have in your store.

Golden ribbon

Everything lately seems to be about shiny and luxurious accessories, so why not using something golden to customise the wedding bouquet. You should know that nowadays brides prefer to use gold for their bridesmaids’ dresses, because this shade seems to suit every skin type. Therefore, they choose a colour pallet based on this colour, and they will surely want a stripe of gold ribbon around the flowers stems.

Nude ribbon

The nude ribbon is the classic option, brides prefer when they are not decided about the colour scheme of their wedding, or when they use bold colour flowers in the bouquet. The ribbon used to wrapt the stems of the flowers, has the purpose to complement the look of the flowers, so in case the brides would prefer to use colours as red, purple, or blue on their bouquet, then they would prefer to accessorise the stems with a nude tone.

Pink and blue ribbon

As you already know these two colours have been chosen as this year’s colour, so you will have many brides who will want to use one or even both of them to wrap the stems of the flowers from their wedding bouquets. Depending on the models you have in mind, you can collaborate with a company, which can customise you, ribbon that combines these two shades, or you can use ribbon in small width and braid the stripes by yourself to accessorise your flower bouquets.