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Posted on Apr 20, 2016 in Financial

Things you should know before hiring a financial planner

If you already own a small business, then you are probably used to taking care of your investment plan all by yourself. However, as times goes by, you may think about expanding, which means you should also consider collaborating with an experienced financial advisor. The right moment for hiring such a person cannot be determined, since it depends from one business to another. As a general rule, it seems that professional services are requested as soon as a business gathers more capital than the owner is used to. The importance of financial consultancy services cannot be denied, which is why you need to start looking for an expert right away. Choosing a trusted partner may not be easy, so before you embark on such a relationship make sure you make an informed decision. Find out what you should expect, because your collaboration may last months or even years. Read on to discover some relevant pieces of information related to what a financial planner should do and how this is likely to help you, professionally.


What kind of planner do you need?

A lot of people think that a financial advisor is the person who tells you where and when you should invest your money, but this is not actually true. In addition to the above mentioned tasks, a professional planner will indicate you the market tendencies according to which you should make financial decisions, they will help you cope with all the legal rules and regulations and they will also tell you which the most sustainable types of investments are, on a long term. Look for someone who has a specialised degree in one or may sub sectors of finance, because they will have the expertise you need to grow your business and make it even more profitable.


How to find the right financial expert?

Once you know exactly what you need, you have to start searching the right person for the job. The process will not be easy, especially since there are many options available. A great solution is to visit and learn more about the services they provide, then start asking for referrals. Tell colleagues, friends and even business partners what you need and they may provide you with a reliable solution. If none of these work, ask your lawyer – they have definitely collaborated with finance people before. Once you get a glimpse of the industry, learn about payment methods, because these vary from one individual to another. While some charge a fix fee, others have flexible commissions, directly proportional with the services offered. In other situations, certain advisors may even change the fees depending on how big your business is and how much money they have to manage. All in all, what you have to look for in a professional advisor is trustworthiness. In order to test this, check their experience, talk to previous partners and have a face to face conversations, to establish some terms and get an idea about their personality.