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Posted on Oct 22, 2013 in StartUp

Things you don’t need when you start a business

In today’s economic platform, many people are dissatisfied with the status of employees and seek for a more secure and profitable financial future through starting up their own business. When you decide to do that, there are incredibly numerous factors to consider and aspects to take into account and whether or not you seek professional advice and support, there is plenty of information about business start up strategies available on the web. While many specialists like to point out what it is that you need when you are starting your own business, here are a couple of things that can be put on hold when you are in start up mode, so that you can benefit from a strong and real growth and get out of that mode as soon as possible.

Big profile clients. Don’t do the mistake of hunting big accounts right away. First of all, chances are you are not ready for that size of business nor their scope and secondly, you may only get one chance with them, so you don’t want to mess it up. For starters, it would be better to gain experience with small accounts, with which you can certainly do a great job.

Extra staffing. There is no need to hire too much personnel in start up mode in anticipation of a high volume of work that you believe you should be prepared for. This is especially valid for sales staff, as you can manage the sales responsibilities on the short term better than anyone else.


Custom, high-end website. While it is true that today a business is not a business until it’s online and a cutting edge website can attract many customers or clients, this will cost you a lot more than you can afford in the beginning and it won’t generate the ROI to make up for it. Unless you have an online store, which in deed will require a top of the line platform, you can very well start with a basic website, for which you can do major improvements along the way.

Outside consulting services. Incorporating your business and ensuring a viable accounting system will require you to hire the services of experienced lawyers and accountants, but you shouldn’t rely on them and pay them for every little decision you need to make or matters that aren’t in any way pressing right now.

New services or products. If you’re just starting up, you don’t need to overwhelm the market with new offerings all the time, especially not before your strongest product or service generates enough and sustainable revenue to afford investing in new products or services. Focusing on what it is that you started your business with will provide you with the opportunity to build a strong presence on the market.



Outside marketing. There are plenty of advertising and marketing strategies and opportunities that you may find exciting and even to have great potential, but if they don’t make sens from a ROI point of view, then you should certainly pass on them. Stay within your marketing budget for the entire period you are in start up mode.