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Posted on May 14, 2015 in Small Business

The importance of parts washing in the manufacturing process

Parts washing is an essential task in the manufacturing and remanufacturing industries, as it ensures not only that products are clean and debris free, but also that they can be coated and assembled without any problems. In fact, part cleaning is an essential component to many industrial processes. Prior to surface finishing, parts are cleaned using special parts washing equipment. They are placed inside a parts washing tank in bulk to increase productivity and the performant machines that use advanced solvents clean them thoroughly ensuring not even a speck of dust or trace of grease is left. A molecular layer of oil is enough to ruin the coating of a mechanical part, so the parts washing process is supervised with stringent attention, not to mention that the machines used are using the latest technology. Parts cleaning has always been a part of the production process in any industry, but the methods and machines used to deal with this task today greatly differ from those in the past. First of all, everything from the parts washing tank to the fluid being used have been enhanced to ensure an increased efficiency, so a modern parts washing machine can clean ten times the load an old one could, while the speed of the entire process is also greatly reduced. Cleaning parts in bulk at a speedy rate ensures a boost in productivity, which is essential when it comes to a production line.


It is needless to mention that a parts washing machine will not only ensure that all products and components are clean for a more accurate assembly, but also that no manufacturing defect slips in. A perfectly clean part will be easier to inspect, especially if the manufacturer uses the latest lase technology to inspect its products. The smallest defect and debris will show on the screen and a perfectly find product might be returned simply because of a contaminant. Efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness are greatly valued on the production line and industrial parts cleaning machines can ensure that a manufacturer will be able to produce high quality products in an efficient manner. All parts are required to go through the cleaning process, regardless of their material and purpose, so a slow parts cleaning machine can definitely affect the overall productivity of a company.


What is more, certain parts are not even allowed to be contaminated with water, so drying the parts is also a step in the manufacturing process that should not be underestimated. Perfectly clean components will be easier to assemble and coat, not to mention that debris can cause working pieces to malfunction, which a grave defect. A product created with less than perfectly clan components should not leave the manufacturer and reach the shelves. Companies operating in the automotive and maritime industries are required perfect accuracy. This is why the parts washing machines used in these industries are using state of the art technology and solvents.