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Posted on Mar 11, 2016 in Small Business

Rug cleaning essential tips

Rugs are instantly changing the look of a room, and lately more and more interior designers choose to install them, even in offices. However, an office is an area where many people come and go every day, and the rugs placed there have to benefit from a special care and maintenance, in order to maintain their properties. Therefore, the manager of the building should take into consideration talking with a specialised cleaning company and see which products and equipment are needed for maintaining the rug state. There are some companies, which provide rug cleaning equipment suited for being used for all carpet types. Here are some tips that can help any person maintain the good state of the rug.


Choose the cleaning products according to the rug type

There are many types of rugs on the market, and every one of them needs to be cleaned with specialised products, which will not damage its properties. The classification of rugs is made according to the materials used to manufacture them, their colours, patterns and other features. Therefore, in case you have to clean a rug, you have to know from which fabric is made, in order to decide what products you should buy. In addition, there are some products, which might affect the colours of the carpet, and in case you have a colourful rug, you should select a product that is especially designed for it. Professional companies offer products which can be used to a wide variety of carpets, because their developers are aware that in an office building there might be many different types of rugs, and the cleaning person might get overwhelmed if he has to use a special one for every on of them. These universal products might not harm your rug, but you have to read its specifications before using it, for being sure that you do not use the wrong cleaning substance.

Invest in cleaning equipment

The key to beautiful and long lasting carpet is to properly clean it. Therefore, you should invest in cleaning equipment which is used on a regularly base to maintain the state of the rugs in your office. Every day the cleaning operator from your office should use the vacuum cleaner after you leave the building. In case you have more than one rug in your office, it is wise to invest in a carpet cleaning machinery, with suitable accessories, because the cleaning person will need a lot of help in cleaning them.

No time for cleaning? Talk with specialists

In case you do not have time to choose the products and equipment needed for maintaining the state of your rugs, you should contract a specialised cleaning company, to handle these actions. You have the option to contract a professional team which will come and clean them on a regularly basis, or you can hire them to take the rugs from your office and clean them. They will bring them back clean and nice looking and you can use them as if they were new.