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Posted on Mar 23, 2016 in Small Business

Reusing rosette ribbons

People have started buying ribbons and bows for all kinds of reasons. Some use them in commercial purposes, to offer clients a different type of packaging, in flower shops or gift stores, while others have discovered just how simple it is to decorate and embellish the aspect of your home by means of these items. Therefore, ribbons of all kinds are highly sought after. The rosette ribbons UK market is just as popular and people invest in this type of product year after year. However, for many of them reusing the rosettes purchased the previous year seems to be an impossible mission, impossible to complete. This means that you have to find something else to do with them. Here are three ideas you might put in practice and start reusing your collection of rosettes.


Wall decoration wit rosettes


If you value the events held year after year in which you receive a rosette, then you could make the memory count even more. Here is how you could achieve this goal. You could easily create a painting out of the rosettes received. Simply pin them or glue them onto a white canvas, preferably a large one, if the rosettes come in a large number and place it on one of the walls of the house. This way, you could value the ribbons and decorate your home cheap and easy.


Napkin holders


This is a fun idea, especially if you discover that you enjoy to have people over for dinner. Because you will have to arrange the table, you could boast a bit about your prizes. Turn the rosette into a napkin holder. Simply add a bit more material so you can wrap the bow around the napkin. This way, your table will be a cheerful one and each dinner together with friends will be a pleasant event. At least, as far as conversation is concerned, there will be always something to talk about your achievements.


Fun Halloween costume


If you are looking for a different and fun looking Halloween costume, you could become a walking rosette. Simply place the rosettes earned onto a T-shirt. You can glue them or saw them. Sometimes a Halloween costume is really all about being creative, about bringing something new and this could be the idea you are looking for.


Hopefully these ideas are of some help to you and can offer you an idea about how to reuse the rosettes you already own.