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Posted on Jun 29, 2015 in Business Tips

Marketing tips for small business

Choosing a good marketing strategy for small business can be confusing, because there are numerous options and methods available. It is important to understand that the marketing needs of a small business greatly differ from the needs of a large corporation. Whit this fact in mind, we have prepared a series of methods that will help a small local business gain the competitive edge it needs to stay afloat on the market. While large corporations and enterprises already have a global rename to support their claims, a new business needs to build a name for itself by focusing on the things only a small business can offer: personal connection and attention to detail and to achieve this endeavor, you need to choose the right marketing tools and channels. Things like sending birthday postcards, offering free services such as wrapping Christmas gifts with ribbon and beautiful decorative paper and even learning the names of your loyal customers can make a big difference.


Rely on word-of-mouth marketing


It might seem an old fashioned marketing strategy, but word-of-mouth is still the most efficient method of gaining new customers. Things have change a little from the past, so it is more likely for someone to receive a referral indirectly through social media than during a discussion, but this only makes this method even more efficient. If you take your time to add a little ribbon and a postcard to the products you send, offer free wrapping services and make sure that your personnel treats customers like kings besides offering high quality services, you will have better chances of receiving praise on social media and the road towards success is already paved after that. Rewarding loyal customers will determine them to recommend you and give positive reviews, which will provide exposure and your customers will increase exponentially.


Establish a personal connection with your customers


Modern world has brought numerous changes both good and bad. People often complain that we have become too impersonal and dream of returning to those times when everybody knew everybody and talking with your groceries seller was not awkward. It is easier to trust the services of someone you know personally, so establishing a personal connection with your customers will only benefit your business.  You can use a contact tracking software to set reminders with your customers’ birthdays and send a postcard or a small message with that occasion. These types of things will cost you almost nothing, but will make a great impression and this is all you’ve got in front of a better and more experimented competition.