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Posted on Jul 24, 2014 in StartUp

How to start up an experiential marketing agency

Marketing is a field that is constantly growing, because no matter how economy changes, companies, businesses and brands need to make their products and services known to consumers in order to stay alive. Experiential marketing in particular is an area that constantly registers great success, as companies have acknowledged the fact that consumers need human interaction in order to respond positively to marketing. Anyway, setting up an experiential marketing agency can be a great business idea, as these agencies are seen as invaluable tools to brands and companies looking to promote their products and services and even if there are several on the market, yours may still have a chance due to the high market demand. However, before you jump to registering your start up company, there are several things you should know about this field and what you need to succeed as such an agency.


First of all, before opening your company, you need to have tangible services to offer to your potential clients, therefore you need workforce. An experiential marketing agency provides companies with promotional staff, product samplers or demonstrators, promotional models and more, so you need to have them already recruited before approaching clients. To that extent, you might want to practice your human resources skills or take on an associate who is a HR expert and can handle the selection and recruitment process, so that you would employ appropriate staff. Experiential marketing promoters have to be very cordial, friendly, energetic and bubbly, but also highly reliable and professional. As a start up company, you will probably lack the funds or resources to provide them with training, so you might want to hire ones that have these abilities and skills naturally. You don’t have to hire too many at the beginning, as you won’t be taking on big projects for a couple of years, so you will not need dozens of promoters, but you should hire both girls and boys, because many companies require a certain gender when hiring promoters, as they see fit to their products or services.


The next thing you need to consider is your target audience. As a new experiential marketing agency, you can’t expect to be landing campaigns for Coca Cola, Nike or any other such major brand. However, small or medium sized businesses, as well as local businesses also need to promote their products and also know the power of experiential marketing. They also can not afford the prices of large promotional staffing agencies, all of which make your start up the perfect choice. It is them that you need to appeal to, so be sure to design your own marketing strategy in accordance. Starting up such an agency is an investment, a significant one, that’s for sure, but, as mentioned in the beginning, this is a field in constant development, so you have high chances of turning your start up company into a national agency some day.