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Posted on Sep 17, 2014 in Financial

How to deal with exuberant bureaucracy

Internationally active entrepreneurs have many challenges to face to ensure the success of their business, because of the international tax system and the bureaucracy that differs from country to country, especially when it comes to international exchange of services. Whether we talk about procedures or tax issues, there are many hurdles entrepreneurs have to face on the way to success. Without in-depth knowledge of the international fiscal law, solving issues like hiring outsourcing employees is not possible. This is why entrepreneurs that are active on an international level resort to the consulting services provided by professionals. Imagine the headache you will get, if you have a location in London, you live in Berlin and wish to open a new branch in Japan. It is usual for entrepreneurs to open branches in various parts of the world with the purpose of saving taxes. However, this method requires the expertise of a professional that can offer you a financial solution that makes everything possible. My advice would be to appeal to a German tax consultant, because they are renowned in this branch for their ability to work relentlessly to ensure perfection.


A reliable tax consultant can take the entire burden out of your hands by processing all the tax returns and reviewing its assessments, deal with tax audits and investigations, develop an effective tax structuring, making comparisons of tax burdens, not to mention that consultants can also represent their clients in tax court proceedings. This means that you should pick a German tax consultant that has a vast knowledge in international taxation, Foreign Tax Law and of course double taxation agreement. It is only natural to check out the background of your tax advisor to ensure he meets all these expectations and is capable of supporting you every step of the way. Income tax issues are more frequent today, because many businesses have gone global and international taxation is constantly changing to keep up with the rapidity with which the business sector has evolved. For instance, outsourcing is an ingenious and efficient business solution that gives real headache to entrepreneurs and tax consultants. If you pay the salary of an outsourcing Dutch employee, but you have your branch in Germany, where do you pay the tax? International active entrepreneurs will always stumble across this type of questions and a tax advisory firm can take care of all these problems in a matter of time.


Worldwide exchange of services is a common occurrence today, but entrepreneurs have to face many challenges because of the bureaucracy and international tax competition. This is why many tax advisory companies have appeared ready to help entrepreneurs calculate taxes, solve tax income issues and so on. If you operate on the EU market and provide cross-border services, there are many chances that you require the help of an expert in the international fiscal law. For a seamless exchange of goods and services outside the EU, consulting a tax consultant is mandatory, because of the complexity of tax procedures.