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Posted on Jun 24, 2015 in Small Business

How to choose a video converter for your company

Choosing a good video converter is much like choosing a new computer. You have many options, each one offering comparable features, but you need to figure out which one will bring you the best results in the long run. While you may be able to find a video converter free download pretty easily, you still need to think about what you need and compare the offers.


What formats can you obtain?

Since there are so many devices available on the market and many record videos in a different format, it is important to use a converter that allows you to obtain the most popular formats required by various devices such as MP4, GIF, WMV and WebM. These are the formats that almost all devices can play even if their standard formats might be different. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to open a video you really want to see, only to realize that it has a wrong format, for instance on your Chromebook. A good video converter can solve this problem in just a few minutes, while in other cases, you might be forced to look for a new converter altogether. In addition, you or your employees will need to obtain access to that video very fast, so any waste of time will be a loss to the company.


Is there a complicated download and installation procedure?

Many programs require to be installed, but there are companies that do not have an IT support department. So if you are not a computer expert or you just do not have time to waste installing the necessary software, something browser based might be the best option for you. In fact, this actually offers more benefits because the only thing you need is an internet connection and a modern web browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Your employees will be able to convert any video they might have in a fast and easy way, without having to download and install any program.


What other features should a converter offer?

You can upload the video from the converter to various social media platforms, a feature extremely useful to marketing teams. The marketing department always has to deal with various posts and video uploads and this type of feature could improve their uploading time considerably and offer them the chance to take care of other things as well. In addition, some video converters even allow their users to record videos with their webcams, a feature that might come in handy at some point for your company.


These are some of the most important aspects that a video converter should offer. The good news is that there are plenty of free web apps, so companies do not need to worry about licensing problems and paying a monthly subscription for software that is rarely used. A good video converter will always come in handy and enable your employees to complete their tasks successfully. In addition, since you can find something that meets all your requirements for free, you do not have to worry about your budget either.