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Posted on Dec 20, 2016 in StartUp

How is Canada one of the most favourable business environments?

A favourable business environment is crucial for all businesses, being the determinant element if a company will be able to grow in a healthy and sustainable manner. However, not all countries around the world benefit from such economic environment. Canada, on the other hand, has a constantly growing, friendly business climate, which makes out of it the go-to alternative for investors looking to improve the capacities and potential of their enterprise. Luckily, the Canadian government offers different kinds of programs of Canada immigration application for investors, helping them grow on the local markets. This, combined with the assistance of agencies helping immigrants with their application, makes the perspective of moving a business in Canada a tangible one. Below are some types of programs helping investors immigrate to this great business location.


1.  Quebec Provincial Program for investors

Three programs specially designed for entrepreneurs are available on Quebec, all offering potential investors the possibility of opening new business or moving existing ones in Canada. For them, the Entrepreneurs Program for immigration is a good option. As a general rule, investors must have a profit of least $ 300,000, obtained in a legal manner, and two years of experience as a manager. For a smoother process, a good advice would be to get in touch with an agency specialised in immigration processes, as it is not the most simple activity you could become involved in.

2. Immigration programs for self-employed

While being self-employed has numerous benefits, you can only make the best out of it if the economic context is helping as well. Canada also provides self-employed individuals opportunities for immigrating. A requirement for those who apply to such a program they must know they have to represent a notable source of culture for Canada, as well as a relevant experience in the targeted field. Alternatively, applicants should have the capability of farm management and proper levels of experience in the field, due to the fact there is a specific part of this program. As well, for a smother immigration process, you should probably collaborate with an expert team in terms of immigration issues.

3. Start-up founders also have opportunities

This program enables investor to also contribute to Canada’s business environment. While there is not an exact definition of the “contribution” term, if you collaborate with a consultant in immigration problems, they might help you find out if you are a viable candidate for a start-up VISA in Canada. Their advices are great sources of identifying opportunities this country offers for diverse entrepreneurs, as well as the necessary guidance in the process.

Take these pieces of information provided previously and get in touch with a team that can assist you in the immigration process. Maybe there is another program that fits you more, and they can make good suggestion for this purpose as well. Remember, a good consultant will make the entire process smoother and faster, while you will be able to enjoy your new life in Canada afterwards.