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Posted on Sep 19, 2015 in Business Tips

Healthy business practices – to shred, or not to shred

Paper shredding is a requirement imposed by law in many countries, if you operate in certain industries such as the medical industry or inside a government agency. Such measures are taken to ensure the security of important and potentially sensitive information about clients and enterprises in general. Sensitive data is available in any company and document shredding services should be used to dispose of papers containing private information to ensure they will remain private. Nowadays, leaving a paper trail that can prove how you stored and destroyed important documents is essential. It serves as a guarantee that your clients will not be able to accuse your company of mishandling their personal information without any reason. More and more people find their identities stolen nowadays and the possibility of being falsely accused of mishandling or selling sensitive data is increasing every day. Although personal data is more likely to get stolen in digital form, once proven that you did not take measures to secure company papers, your business will suffer greatly.


Why is document shredding important?


Paper shredding is important because it can prevent identity theft and it represents a safe method to dispose of confidential information. It is important to keep private documents away from third parties that may have unethical intentions and can use the information they steal for other fraudulent activities. There is nothing graver than confidential information put into the wrong hands, so taking every action against that scenario is essential. It is never right to assume that throwing documents away is enough to stop identity theft. It might seem illogical for people to search through the trash fishing for private documents, but the number of reported cases contradicts this false impression of security.


Should you use paper shredding services?


When it comes to document shredding, using a specialized company is the best solution, because the service provider can guarantee the complete destruction of documents. The moment you hire paper shredding services, the responsibility falls in the hands of these experts. Besides the peace of mind this type of services provide, you will also be able to ensure your clients that no document will be left behind, because the document shredding process is very strict. Companies that offer shredding solutions will place a locked box inside the company where every document and paper containing sensitive information will be thrown and their staff will come and pick up that box regularly. The shredding process will only take place at that company’s premises. With security measures so strict, it is almost impossible for people with malicious intentions to get their hands on private data.


Other data destruction services worth using


Destruction of media and hard drive is also a highly relevant business practice today. Unlike paper shredding, which guarantees no one can ever read the information contained inside the document, information on hard drives can be deciphered even after being deleted. With the right type of program, you can recuperate documents from a hard drive years after they have been deleted, so using hard disk destruction services is essential nowadays.