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Posted on Feb 5, 2016 in Business Tips

Drive-in pallet racks create more storage space in the warehouse

Should your warehouse be overflowing with pallet racks, you will need to find a solution to increase business productivity. What you need in this case is more pallet storage than it is physically available in the current layout. If everything is out of order and the outcome is not the one that you desired, then the solution is to install drive-in pallet racks. This type of pallet racking system will allow you to maximise the storage space to the fullest. Since drive-in pallet racking systems provide easy access to the transport structures and they require fewer aisles, you can store up to 75% more material in the same space.

Explaining drive-in racking

In the case of drive-in pallet racks, the transport structures are placed in such a way that they can slide backwards on a rail. The result is that the transport structures are stored more deeply and more room is created within the warehouse. The system implies the loading and unloading of loads with the use of a forklift that can remove the structures from the same entrance where they were loaded. Drive-in or drive-through? There are two main types of storage systems: drive-in or single entry racks and drive-through or double entry racks. Although they are two distinct forms, they have the same storage configurations. What mainly distinguishes the two main types of storage systems is the entrance point: single entry racks allow the forklift access to just one side, while double entry racks allows access from both sides of the racking structure.

What are the advantages of drive-in racking?

Both drive-in and drive-through storage systems increase the capacity of the warehouse. Not only will you be able to stack materials very high, but also to make use of the overhead space. Therefore, they are ideal for businesses that are looking for high-density storage. Unlike selectable racks, you have the possibility to fit 75% more loads in a small area and the storage structures are also more compact, thus allowing forklifts to drive in through the area that is formed. Even though selectivity is sacrificed, the room’s density is enhanced because the pallets are accessible through a single position. They are perfect for applications such as small amounts of SKUs, slow moving products, storage freezers and product storage that does not have to be delivered at a particular time.

Which is the right one for you?

The main difference between drive-in pallet racks and drive-through ones is that in one case accessibility is ensured through one side, while in the second case forklifts are able to add and remove loads from both sides. The ability to access both ends means that the items you put in store will be the first ones out. This will be especially beneficial if you are storing food products or other storage product that are defined as time-sensitive. On the other hand, with a drive-in system the last items are the first to be taken out, which is useful when you do not accommodate product that have to be delivered right away. To make the right choice, you will first need to take into consideration the needs of your business.