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Posted on Mar 25, 2016 in Small Business

Develop your small business plan with PR strategies

Nowadays, no company can survive without a strong communications plan. This includes marketing directions, advertising strategies and of course, public relations activities. Although a lot of people tend to forget about the last one, there are a lot of situations when the right PR actions can get your business out of trouble. Fortunately, the domain is extremely flexible and versatile, allowing communication professionals to make use of a wide variety of practices, not only for large corporations but also for small firms. Even if they are efficient, PR strategies will not deliver immediate results and are not always easily quantified. When it comes to small businesses, you have to be aware of the fact that it takes time to develop and build a strong brand, but the right PR activities will definitely contribute to that. Do not expect to see a huge growth in sales or a boom in your web traffic, but keep in mind that collaborating with a professional company such as Keep Left will lead to a gradual evolution. Here are some reliable PR related strategies you can integrate in your development plan:


Networking should not always be something official. So only for some time, try to forget about closing deals, signing contracts or establishing partnerships and allow yourself (and your company) to interact with other professionals in the industry you serve without necessarily expecting something. Reaching new niches and groups will help you get closer to your target audience and find the added value your business needs. Any networking event is a chance for you to extract some professional tips, so take advantage of this as much as you can. Get involved in local events and use the data you get to come up with new strategies.

Allow yourself to be creative

If you want to be in the public’s attention, then you should constantly come up with something new. Innovation and creativity are the key to success regardless your field of activity, be it food industry, IT, real estate, tech or retail. Make use of traditional media (TV, newspapers, magazines etc), but allow yourself to explore new territories. By combining these, you will see that soon enough you will manage to boost your localized public. A great idea would be to customise your strategies according to your target audience and the particular industry you are addressing to.

Search new advertising means

Do not settle for what you already have! In order to get what you never had, you must try something you have never tried. So start looking for new opportunities to issue press releases and generate social media materials. This way, you get a greater market reach and raise awareness about your goods or services. Soon enough, your PR efforts will be rewarded. For small businesses, any event is important, because it is an advertising opportunity. That is why you should seek public events that have an informative role for the audience – these are the ones which help you expand your market reach.