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Posted on Mar 25, 2016 in Business Tips

Custom Adhesives and Adhesive Tape – The Benefits of Going Direct

When looking to do business with medical tape converters or adhesive manufacturers of any kind, there are two ways of going about things. One of these is to work with those who sell products from a variety of suppliers – the other is to go direct to the manufacturer. Now, it’s of course true to say that in both instances, the ultimate result can be pretty much the same – as in getting hold of the products required. But at the same time, there are certain advantages that comes with the direct option which simply do not apply when dealing with third-parties and middlemen.

It’s not to say you cannot get the products you need with either approach – it’s more a case of gaining access to certain advantages if you go direct.

So for those who may be on the market for an adhesive product in the near future, here’s a brief rundown of just a few of the reasons why it can be genuinely advantageous to buy direct:

1 – Quality Consistency

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that quality consistency can be affected, in accordance with who you buy from. If you were to make multiple orders from a third-party for example, you might find that they themselves order the products required from a different supplier every time. This in turn means that there may be issues with consistency, with regard to the products you receive. If you want the products you purchase to be identical in quality and performance every time, buying direct is the only way to go.

2 – The Widest Range

Custom Adhesives and Adhesive Tape – The Benefits of Going Direct

Dealing directly with the manufacturer can also open the buyer up to the largest possible range of products and services available. While third-parties may offer a range of important products, it’s also common for them to limit their offerings for pure practicality and logistical purposes. The more products you have access to, the better the chance of finding the perfect product to suit. So once again, it’s a benefit that comes as standard when working directly with the manufacturers – one that’s absent when working with middlemen.

3 – The Lowest Prices

The same also goes for prices as it is completely normal and somewhat inevitable that middlemen will add a premium onto the products’ prices for their own pockets. After all, it’s not as if those in this line of work do it for a hobby – this is their job and it’s how they get paid. In almost every instance across the board, the closer to the manufacturer the product is bought, the cheaper it is. Which in turn means that when you buy directly from the manufacturer, you inherently get the cheapest possible prices. Third-parties may offer solid deals, but they usually cannot be compared with the prices of buying direct.

4 – Better Advice and Customer Care

Quality of customer care should also be factored into the equation as you cannot expect a third-party reseller to have the same experience and knowledge as that of the manufacturer. Nobody in the world knows any given product better than the actual manufacturer that made it in the first place. And given the fact that it is inevitable that you will have questions to ask and concerns to address from time to time, it simply makes sense to work directly with those who can offer you the best possible help.

5 – One-Stop Resource

To work with the very best manufacturer on the market is to gain access to a comprehensive one-stop resource to take care of literally everything you need. From initial consultations to the manufacturing of the product to packaging to repeat orders and so on, you basically partner up with a service provider that takes care of everything. By contrast, working with a reseller may mean having to involve and work with multiple providers, in order to ensure the job as a whole gets done. Which of course has the potential to prove expensive and time consuming – all of which is entirely avoidable.

6 – Long-Term Contracts

Last but not least, it is worth remembering that there is always the possibility of striking up long-term deals and contracts with direct manufacturers, which may otherwise be unavailable. From long-term savings to simplicity to efficiency and so on, these are the kinds of deals that can make a big difference to the way the business is run. It is somewhat uncommon for such deals to be offered by third-parties, though when they are, they never offer the same kind of value that can be expected by working directly with the manufacturer.