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Posted on May 27, 2016 in Business Marketing

Boost your nanny agency’s success – advertising methods

One of the most important facets of owning a business is proper advertising. It is highly important to build a strong marketing campaign, because this is how your business can increase the number of customers and be successful. If you are the owner of a nanny agency, proper marketing campaign is one of the things that ensure your business success. Many parents who are looking for a London nanny agency want to make sure the babysitter they are about to hire is a professional and reliable one. If you want to promote your high quality services, here is what you need to do.

Build a website

It is commonly known that the internet has made everything a lot easier. Information travels with the speed of light nowadays and no matter where you are in the world, with only doing a few clicks you can find literally anything you want to know. You should take advantage of this aspect and design a website for your agency. Work with a freelancer, because they usually ask for less money than an IT agency would, not to mention that many businesspersons have agreed that the work some freelancers provided them was of top quality. Discuss with the freelancer you have chosen about the interests and needs you have related to your nanny agency and make sure he or she understands you. The website will definitely boost your success, especially if you provide useful information on it, such as a price list for your services, the exact location of the agency or some contact details.

Social networks – they actually do wonders!

Believe it or not, many promotional agencies claim that nowadays they simply cannot build their marketing campaign without including social networks. The reason is quite simple – more and more people spend time on these networks to talk to their friends or to keep up to date with the latest news in their region. You should definitely consider creating accounts on some of the most popular social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. It is a great marketing tool that will boost your success and will make your nanny agency increase its popularity rate. Social networks can also be used to provide details about the agency that people might be interested in.

Local fairs and leaflets – traditional, yet efficient

Even though you focus on promoting your agency via the internet, you should not overlook the traditional marketing tools either. Hire some students who are eager to make some pocket money and ask them to spread leaflets of your agency on the street. As out of date as this might seem, you have to take into account that not all people benefit from internet connection. Some older people might not be as interested in browsing the internet every day as the young generation is, so spreading leaflets is one great method to reach them. Moreover, you should not miss any occasion to go to local fairs and promote your business. This is a good way actually to talk to the parents and make them trust your agency and eventually hire one of your babysitters.