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Posted on Aug 1, 2014 in Business Marketing

Appliance repair – a profitable small business

Entrepreneurship is registering increased levels currently, as everyone wants to go into business on their own, be their own boss and turn their ideas into profitable businesses. While some dream big, wishing to grow their start ups to the level of national companies or multi national organizations, others just want a profitable small business that maybe they could pass on to their kids. Generally, these are local businesses and appliance repair services represent one of the most excellent ideas when it comes to money-making businesses that are oriented towards local markets. An appliance repair company located in a highly populated, residential area can return a profit from the very start. All households have numerous and various appliances and very few people know how to repair them, so the market demand for this type of service is quite high. With the proper marketing strategy and the right approach to service delivery, you can get your hands on a large market share and implement quite a successful small business.


In addition to being in high demand, appliance repair services don’t require a great first capital investment if you intend to stay local and keep your company at the level of small business. If you have the necessary training, qualifications and expertise to repair appliances, you only need to hire one or two extra guys to help you with the jobs around the neighborhood, at least until the word gets out and you begin registering continuous flow of clients. Another reason for which these services are a profitable small business idea is that they cover a wide range of areas, from refrigerator or dishwasher repairs to ovens, washers and dryers, freezers and so on. All of these appliances can be found on a large scale in households everywhere and some people have each and every one of these items in their homes, which means chances are that they would require your services repeatedly. As a result, you can easily build up a steady portfolio of regular clients.


All things taken into account, appliance repair services can be your ticket to a successful small business, as long as you properly identify your target market and aim at providing high quality services. When it comes to local businesses and communities, word of mouth can weigh more than any advertising or marketing strategy you may have, so you want to keep your clients happy, so that they would recommend you to their neighbors wholeheartedly. This means that you need to offer them an exceptional standard of services, along with great expertise in the field. Be very careful whom you hire to work for you and pay much attention to customer care and support, in order to build a great reputation and enjoy an increasing number of clients, as well as returning clients. Other than that, the appliance repair field looks quite promising as far as entrepreneurship is concerned.