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Posted on Dec 12, 2014 in Business Marketing

Website success factors – accessibility, usability and appealing design

It might seem common knowledge that websites play an important role in shaping the image of a brand, but you will be surprised to find out how many companies and even corporations stick to traditional marketing strategies and overlook the importance of a good web design strategy to ensure the loyalty of their customers. When you offer a customer the option to visit your website to find out more information about what you offer, you have to imagine that you invited him inside your company. You would not like anyone to see an under construction sign at the entrance of a dilapidated building under your company name, so you should not do this mistake online either. You web design has to inspire trust and mirror your company policy perfectly to ensure that you will gain more customers and not start losing them. Investing in good ottawa web design from services can pay off earlier than you can expect, because people have started to use the Internet as a universal tool to solve problems. If someone requires the type of services or products you offer, there are very high chances he/she will look it up online first. You can increase the number of your loyal customers and subsequently your revenue by gaining a strong online presence.


While every little details matters when it comes to your website, there are three factors that should never be overlooked when you launch a business website.  Accessibility is what makes the Internet such a popular tool, so taking that away from your customers will eventually determine them to switch to your competition. People access the Internet from a wide variety of devices, so making a website responsive is essential to cater to this need. If you invest money in Ottawa web design, you should ta least ask for a responsive design to ensure that your website will not get ruined when accessed from a mobile device. Usability is another important factor that might influence an attitude change in your customers for the better or for the worst, depending on how good the developing tem you hire is. Upon entering a website, a user has to reach the information he/she needs immediately. It is called intuitive design and can bring you a lot of stars in the eyes of your customers. If the home button is deeply hidden in the design and the order or contact page is difficult to reach, you will only manage to frustrate your customers.


Last, but not least, graphic appeal is probably the strongest tool you have at your disposal to impress your customers and potential customers. A cool graphic design will please the eye, make you seem more reliable and the customers more willing to order what you have to sell. We have to admit the fat that we like beautifully packed things, so it is important to choose a web development team that also includes an experienced graphic designer capable of coming up with a good concept for your business.