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Posted on Nov 21, 2013 in Small Business

Transform your passion for gaming into a successful business


If you are passionate about playing the game The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth, here is a good idea of a business: an online platform designed to provide other players, especially beginners, with useful hints on how to perfectly play this game. It is a common practice today to set up a website, gather as many visitors as possible and make money by allowing ads appear on your website. You can get a regular income from this business without a hassle; if you are serious in what you do and regularly update your online platform. It is important to gain exposure and a strong online presence to raise your website traffic and to achieve this endeavor you need to offer high quality information. The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth is a popular game today; so many gamers are looking for ways of improving their playing. You need to think of all gaming passionate as your potential visitors and write in a manner that will attract them. You would need to have a well-structured blog or website that places at the disposal of your users everything that is necessary in order to become better at this game, dividing the information in different categories as for instance Hobbit KOM guide, strategy and tips. To help the visitors, you can also offer them a free e-book or PDF guide, which they’ll receive once they subscribe on the website. This way you secure users and increase the chances of them returning to your website as part of the community.


You should offer as many tips as possible and focus on people that have not played too much and are not skilled at this game yet. You can teach them how to form the suitable alliance or which is the proper moment for attack and make sure your online platform provides all the useful tips and tricks conceived to facilitate missions. You can even develop a Hobbit KOM coord finder and further assist your users to gain edge over other players. For those not familiarized with the game, your website should offer a quick start guide and presents them the smart ways to play, from creating the city structures to wisely use the available resources and implement the attacking and defending tactics. A visit to your blog should provide players the opportunity to discover the best hobbit KOM strategy and therefore have the advantage over the opponents.

To make this work, your online platform must be worth taking into account.  When users find themself in a difficult situation during one of the missions and feel they can’t advance anymore, your website should be the first things they think about. To boost your earnings you need to increase your traffic every month and to achieve this success you need to offer great hints, like how a player can keep his resources safe, how to do researches or how to transform his city, and make them completely enjoy this experience. Any gamer will appreciate a helpful website and your business will flourish.