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Posted on May 18, 2015 in Small Business

Tips for successfully reinforcing your brand

Many companies these days look for ways to reinforce their brand, as a way to focus their customers’ awareness on them and determine them to choose their company over their competitors’. In fact, marketers have determined that brand reinforcement helps businesses to improve their strength and uniqueness in the eyes of their customers. Depending on your business, there are different ways to reinforce your brand. Probably the ones who practice this type of marketing technique the most are those who work in the food industry. Whether you own a restaurant or a catering company, considering the competition in this field, it is very important to use everything you can to your advantage. To this extent, here are some brand reinforcement ideas that you should take advantage of:


Uniforms with your company logo on them

Whether you just order some T-shirts from ShirtsHouse dot com or you choose to offer your employees a more formal look, by making sure that customers get to see your logo when discussing with an employee, you will definitely improve your brand recognition. Even though some people might think that uniforms are outdated, as they will not create a friendly and relaxed environment, there is a reason why all major food companies have a uniform for their employees and that is because it creates brand reinforcement. Even a simple thing such as a T-shirt can be enough, provided that it has your logo and company colors on it, so don’t think that you would have to make a very large investment.


Create a catchy company motto

All major companies have it and it is something that can inspire people to choose one brand over another. Basically, it will help your customers remember your brand better and, when the time comes, choose you over your competitors. Whether it is something that you ask your employees to say when they first meet a customer or at the end of their services, the fact is that having a catchy motto is something that you should not overlook. These techniques have long been tried and tested by professional marketers, so there are guaranteed to make a difference in the long run.


Have a “house” product

Whether it is the house pizza, the house dressing or the house burger, you need to have something that can only be found in your restaurant. Think of something slightly different or with a twist, something that will impress your customers. Many people actually prefer to buy the house product because it is usually cheaper and, since it is made often, it is always fresh and this is exactly what you should aim for. The next thing you know, someone will say “Let’s go to.., because they have that delicious house pie that I tried last week”. The house product will improve your brand recognition and identity and determine customers to choose your company the next time they have to decide. When you invest a little time and effort into brand reinforcement, the results are bound to show up after a certain period of time.