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Posted on Apr 7, 2016 in Business Tips

The telehander – a useful tool for any industry

Working in the technical domain means you have to learn about various types of machines, since these are the core of your business. Different jobs require different tools, so you must understand how each of these work and which are their main features and capabilities. Mastering the machinery you own is extremely important, because even the most performing device fails under the operation of an unskilful user. Telehandlers, for example, are very popular in agriculture and constructions, since they are versatile and efficient.

What is a telehandler?

A telehandler is a specialised vehicle used in the industrial field, designed to lift heavy loads or objects and combining the features of a fork lift and a crane. If you are working in agriculture or constructions, then the term is definitely not strange for you. In spite of being used extensively in most fabrics and industrial projects, this machine is often mistaken with a forklift, since they somehow have the same abilities and dimensions. Actually, telehandlers are similar to both fork trucks and cranes: in terms of appearance, it resembles much with the first one, but it has many capabilities, so as far as functionality is concerned, it is more similar to the latter device. It is very important for the machine to be correctly assembled, in order to perform properly and provide a safe working environment for the people operating it.

Which are the benefits of using a telehandler?

Since the telehandler brings together the features of many tools, it is one of the most efficient and compact tool you could use. Probably the most relevant feature of such a vehicle is its boom, which makes it capable of equipping multiple attachments for various uses. This means that you can get other extension parts and place them on the bottom of the telehandler, in order to diversify the lifting angle. By adding several other accessories, you increase the utility of the machine. The long arm enables the operator to control the pickup of several objects and supervise their transportation. The telehandler is quite flexible and permissive. This is due to the fact that it takes advantage of angles and physics. In addition to this, if it is operated by an experienced person, they can even double or triple the maximum lifting capacity of the machine. However, in case the vehicle is incorrectly used, the operator can jeopardise not only the integrity of the telehandler but also their own safety. As you can see, the machine per-se is extremely versatile; being suitable to almost any business whose activity involves lifting items and moving them from one place to another.

All in all, the telehandler is a machine most businesses need to use, especially if they involve constructions or agricultural tasks. It is versatile, so it can be used for several purposes, but keep in mind that it must be operated by an experienced user. Just make sure you choose the right vehicle and you hire the most qualified person to handle it.