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Posted on Aug 26, 2014 in Business Tips

Starting up a ribbon business

Starting up a business can be a risky endeavour, but with the right idea and a good business plan or strategy, you can really set yourself on a great track and start a very profitable small business. There are many fields that provide entrepreneurs with great opportunities and the field of wholesale ribbons is definitely one of them. This may sound like a peculiar idea, but if you think about it, the one area in which people never get stingy is gift giving. When it comes to buying a gift for someone, consumers are always more generous than when buying things for themselves or out of necessity and this definitely applies to gift wrapping as well. To that extent, entering the wholesale birthday ribbons market can be a great opportunity to start up your own business. The initial investment doesn’t have to be that much and there is room to upgrade and expand along the way.


First of all, in order to be able to start a wholesale birthday ribbons business, you have to find your own suppliers, which should be the actual manufacturers, so that you’d be able to procure your products at a very low price and in very big quantities. Then, you have to be able to offer your clients something different than the raw product that comes out the manufacturing lines, so you have to add a little something to your ribbons. Because everybody looks for originality and unique products these days, a good idea would be to offer personalised or customised ribbons to your customers, giving them the possibility to design or tailor their ribbons as they please. Printed ribbons are the perfect product to that extent and you only have to invest in a special printer that allows you to engrave anything on the ribbons. This way, you customers can purchase birthday ribbons with any message they want, or little hearts or bunnies or dots, printed on them, which will definitely appeal to a great client market.


Secondly, after you’ve made sure you have a product that has to offer a little something for everybody, you need to find the right marketing strategy. The online environment provides plenty of opportunities for a wholesale birthday ribbons business, being also quite a cost effective solution, so you should definitely consider setting up a website and building your business online. However, you may also want to focus a little on local consumers, at least in the beginning, which means placing an emphasis on personal contact and experiential marketing. This means bringing the product to the customer directly, allowing the consumer to see or feel the product live. You can do that by using your product yourself, for instance wrap all the presents for everyone you know with them, your family members, your neighbours, your co-workers, your boss, everyone who can appreciate it and talk about it with their friends and acquaintances. Be sure to always have business cards accompanying the ribbons, even if it’s just your website on them.