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Posted on Aug 4, 2016 in StartUp

Questions to ask yourself before founding your windows washing company

People who want to start their own companies are trying to find a business idea that is perfect for them and one very good idea is to found a windows washing company. It is true that starting a business from scratches can be quite challenging and demanding, because there are certain important aspects you have to consider in order to make things work, such as investing money in water fed pole systems and other cleaning supplies and equipment, promoting the business properly and so on. However, the moment your profits increase, you will understand that everything was worth in the end. Here are the main questions to ask yourself before starting a windows washing business.

What are the needed tools and products?

The first step you have to make when starting such a business is to do some detailed research on the internet and look for professional and reputable companies that provide cleaning equipment and supplies at reasonable prices. There are numerous such companies on the online market that provide some special discounts to their customers, especially if they buy wholesale, so make sure you target those companies and benefit from the best deal on the market. Besides having a water fed pole system, with the aid of which you can clean those high windows, you also need efficient cleaning products that will make your work easier, so make them your priority.

Why is important to check the competition?

You should know that checking the competition is a very important step in this process, because you need to know who are your competitors in the industry, whether there is already a competitor in the region that has managed to corner the market or not and whether you can make people change their mind and choose your company over those competitors. In case in the region where you want to start your business there is already another one, you should come with some great offers that are impossible to refuse in order to attract customers and make them become interested in resorting to your services.

What is the best promoting strategy?

When starting a business, regardless the domain or industry in which the activity is performed, it is highly important to take into account designing a strong marketing campaign, because this is how you will increase the number of customers and automatically the company’s profits. You should start with creating a website for your company, as well as accounts on those extremely popular social networks. It is commonly known that people spend numerous hours a day browsing the internet and checking their Facebook or Twitter page, so you can turn this into your advantage and promote your services via the internet. This is the most cost-effective marketing strategy available, but you should keep in mind that resorting only to one strategy might not prove to be efficient. You can also resort to guerrilla marketing, having the logo of the company printed on uniforms and cars or spreading leaflets, so you might want to consider all of them to benefit from the best results.