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Posted on Oct 10, 2015 in Financial

Increase the scalability of your salon

Every beauty or hair salon starts out as a small business, but the services are in high demand nowadays, so sooner or later every salon owner or manager is faced with the challenge of increasing scalability. There are many issues involved in this process, from space concerns and resources to taking into account the matter of disrupting operations. However, one of the focal points of exploring ways to increase the scalability of your salon business is investing in management software, a good example in that direction is the MyCuts salon booking app, as this will help manage the growing demands of running your business. An expanding salon means more than an increased number of clients and appointments that lead to increased profits, it also means a growing amount of work and larger inventory needs, so you need to gain the capability to handle these.


Handling increased demands

A salon booking app like the one mentioned above will make a great difference in your ability to handle what can be a significant increase in appointments and clients. This type of app will make appointment scheduling and management a lot quicker and easier, which means less time has to be spent on juggling appointments, having a direct impact on productivity and therefore on profits. No-shows are usually the biggest money drainers in the world of hair salons and this software can help reduce the number of no shows to a minimum by providing email or even text reminders to your clientele and asking for confirmation of appearance.


Apart from helping you manage bookings more efficiently, such software can also help you increase client retention because there are certain apps that come with client management features, which means you’ll be able to offer your clients a more specific service, keeping close tabs on their previous appointments, their preferences and so on.


Handling increased inventory


An important part of scalability is having the ability to handle not just increased demand, but also an increase in inventory needs. Again, salon management software can come to your rescue, as many of these apps have inventory features, which help you track your stock more effectively. This feature will help reduce overspending or overstocking, but will also keep you from ever missing anything you need in our salon. This will have a direct positive impact on your finances, as it will help balance spending and revenue on a month-to-month basis.


Running a successful hair salon is not the most difficult of jobs, but it’s important to keep ahead of the curve and always have the future in sight. Being caught unprepared by high market demand can have a greatly negative effect on your business, which is why it’s important to focus on improving your salon’s scalability. A booking app or salon management software takes you a long way down that road, but it’s very important to make your decision carefully. Such an undertaking must be smoothly integrated within the daily operations of your salon and should complement its activities as well.