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Posted on Mar 2, 2016 in StartUp

How to throw an unforgettable corporate party

Organising a party is never easy, especially if you are thinking about a corporate event. You need to think about a well done agenda, so that people do not get bored, while also keeping it light, because you do not want it to look like an official meeting. That means you have to figure out how to reach a balance between entertainment and professionalism. Here are three suggestions of original and doable activities that you should try:


Use a  private  car for transportation


If your business partners have travelled a long way just to be able to attend your corporate event or party, a thoughtful thing that you could do is offer them airport transfer and special transportation. Of course, you could choose a common taxi company, but how about renting a private car to wait them in front of the hotel where they are staying? This idea is quite impressive and will definitely show them how much you appreciate them. In addition to this, it is the clear proof of the fact that you are willing to invest in your collaboration. Even if your business partners or guests are living in the same city, you can still provide them transportation to the party venue and a private car seems to be the best way to show them you value their presence.


Bring in an exotic animal

If you are living in Australia, it would be a nice idea  for them to tour or see Australia’s wild animals. A foray in the amazing Australian life will seem an interesting and unique experience. So if you want to have them a unique experience of Australian wildlife, get in touch with a company that offers private stage shows involving wild animals. Whether you want to hold a giant snake or a crocodile, or you just want to see natural wildlife displayed in a large vivarium, you will be able to do this if you hire a firm offering these services for corporate  events.


Hire a professional photographer

No matter what type of event you organise, be if a corporate one or a team-building, you must use the occasion for advertising. Marketing plays a crucial role for the success of a business. Take advantage of this opportunity and hire a professional photographer to take pictures of the participants, partners, guests, employees and so on. Make sure they capture the most interesting moments: speeches, awards ceremony, friendly conversations or signing new partnerships. Those images may be just perfect for your future press release or for the official page of your company.