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Posted on Apr 24, 2015 in Financial

How to save money on company cars

Transportation companies are not the only ones that need to have vehicles. In all industries, there might come a time when managers or employees need to be provided with reliable cars. Whether it is to meet with clients (in the case of sales agents) or to have a faster alternative to public transport (in the case of large multinationals situated on the city outskirts), they can really benefit from having a company car. The number of vehicles in your fleet can vary depending on what industry you serve in and your company size. If large firms can afford buying as many new and powerful vehicles as they want, small businesses face more challenges and often have to compromise on transportation in order to use the money for something else. This not the best option, because having at least one company vehicle can help you in many ways. Instead, you can discuss your requirements with used car dealers Ottawa and find out how purchasing a second hand vehicle saves you money.


The fact that second hand vehicles are cheaper is common knowledge. However, many managers avoid them because they think they are low quality. This might have been true several decades ago, but now, when dealerships are some of the most flourishing businesses, quality standards are higher. Their offer no longer includes old and battered cars that don’t work longer than a couple of years. On the contrary, many people sell their cars to dealers when they are in near mint condition, which means that, as a buyer, you can more options. Not only are prices lower and the quality better, but dealerships also have wider car variety. You can find vehicles of all types and choose the one that best fits the requirements of your business and is still within budget.


There are many benefits that take-home vehicles can offer. From the fact that they save time and  increase productivity to the fact that they can be used as means of promotion, they are definitely an investment worth making. Used cars dealerships in Ottawa and other major cities in the world have understood the increasing demand from small company owners and have customized their offer. Nevertheless, remember to check their reliability before signing a contract and carefully inspect all purchased vehicles. Many used cars come without a warranty and the only way you can prevent unpleasant circumstances is to inspect their technical state in advance.