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Posted on Oct 25, 2019 in Small Business

Everything you need to know about sealing a shipping container

Shipping containers help overcome the limitations of worldwide submission. In addition to the fact that maritime transport has a lower energy consumption, the re-sealable transportation boxes guarantee that the products are safe and secure while moving across various nations. If you feel the urge to further secure your shipping containers with additional safety measures, go right ahead. Maybe you will find these tips useful. You do not want to fail simply because you have made mistakes. Keep on reading to find out what to do to ensure security for a shipping container.


Add a security seal

As the name suggests, a security seal is a mechanism which is meant to seal the shipping container, so that no one can tamper with what is found inside. It is obligatory to have at least one seal before shipping the goods. You might want to invest in plumber. You can use lead wire seals or plastic and metal strips to safeguard the valuable cargo. Security seals are designed in accordance with international standards. Find out more about the standards in action ahead of time. Getting back on topic, only powerful wire cutters are capable of cutting through security seals. You can find sealing wire for any application. It has positive properties when it comes down to durability and flexibility. You can place the security seal on the left door of the shipping container. From a security standpoint, it does not really matter where it is placed.

Invest in heavy-duty padlocks

When it comes down to forsegling, heavy-duty padlocks are the toughest solutions available. These industrial products can withstand cutting, sawing, and corrosion, not to mention that they are water-resistant. Heavy-duty padlocks are made out of stainless steel. All you have to do is to align the shackle with the loop of the container door and slide it shut. There, you are good to go. Each lock has its own key, which means that they cannot all be keyed alike. Use heavy-duty padlocks on the shipping container to prevent professional thieves from getting inside. Use something designed for the job. You can drill the holes yourself, but make sure that the padlock is made to fit. If you wish to go the extra mile, use a lock box. Even if the thief has specialist equipment, they will not break into the shipping container.

Include an alarm system

There is no rule on how many plombering to put on a shipping container. Nevertheless, if you want to keep your shipping container safe and secure during shipping, it is necessary to take additional security measures. Installing an alarm system may seem a little bit extreme, but it is worth it. The re-sealable transportation box will be located at a remote location and chances are that someone will attempt a robbery. Have an alarm system installed. This will give you much-needed peace of mind. You could use a traditional alarm system, but you are better off using a GSM container alarm that enables you to monitor the goods remotely through your mobile phone.