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Posted on Oct 10, 2015 in Financial

Deciding on Mauritius rental properties: which suits your family?

Going on a summer vacation with your entire family can be a real disaster or you could have the best time of your life. It very much depends on how well you do your homework and plan the entire journey. If you find Mauritius to be a pleasant destination, adequate for your family’s needs and wishes, then here is a suggestion. For the perfect holiday, why not try the Mauritius rental properties instead of the regular hotel rooms? Resorts may be luxurious, but in terms of comfort, they simply cannot compare with beach villas. Once you start searching the market, you will most likely notice that you have more than sufficient choices. So, think of everything your family needs and try to choose the property that fits best. To guide you through the market, here are a few facts you might find useful in your search for the ideal rental property.


#1 Always consider location

The fun thing about choosing to rent a property instead of booking two or three rooms in a five star hotel is that you can stay in a beach house, at just a few meters away from the sea. The feeling is absolutely amazing. Each morning, you simply put on your bathing suit, walk a few meters and you could dive in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. It is like a dream come true. You could say that a hotel can be located on the beach, so there is no difference, but the reality is that there is a huge difference. Walking out of a 10-story building is not the same as walking from a lovely beach house, where only you and your family are staying. So, always consider location, when choosing the rental property. The closer you are to the beach and the farther from resorts, the better it will be for your trip.


#2 Number of rooms

If you have decided to go to Mauritius with the entire family, renting a house all to yourself is the right choice. However, you need to pay attention to the number of rooms and to make sure that there is enough space for everyone. For instance, if your children are accustomed to having separate rooms, try to maintain this arrangement throughout your holiday, if possible of course.


#3 Comfort and facilities


Having a fun, memorable holiday depends greatly on the level of comfort achieved. Make sure that you have all the conditions for the perfect trip. This of course means that you might require certain services. For instance, luxurious Mauritius rental houses come with cleaning and catering services, just like in five star hotels. Also, you could opt for boat hire or concierge services. The idea is to envision that ideal vacation and make all efforts to put it into reality by means of facilities and additional services.


The success of such a trip rests in planning and of course on the property leasing company you will be collaborating with. Explain to the staff working there exactly what your expectations and if the company is professional, your dream holiday will become reality.