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Posted on Jun 18, 2015 in StartUp

Cancun holiday: a way to motivate the staff

Business keeps on changing and changing, without any first hand notice. Unfortunately, all individuals are tied to it. No matter how far away you might want to keep yourself from this world, you are simply unsuccessful, mostly because you depend on it. Everyone depends on how businesses in general develop. Perhaps this is the reason for which businessmen and investors are constantly interested in finding out exactly what else has changed. There is however one aspect that remains the same, no matter how many other changes and modifications might appear. To have a strong company, you need a strong, united staff. To achieve this goal, you might want to consider a way of motivating your team. Business owners think that a raise is the only method of fulfilling this goal, but as it turns out there are other ways, one of them being  Cancun holidays. Here are a few reasons for which tourism can be a rather strong motivation for your staff.


The big prize

Although it might sound a bit strange, a holiday can be a good way of keeping the staff motivated. Nonetheless, there are a few rules worth following, if you are going to apply this solution correctly. This has to be the big prize, the reason for which members part of your staff give their best at work. To raise the level of competition within the walls of your company, you need an amazing destination and an all-inclusive package. Make sure that everyone understands that the trip is financially supported by the company, as it should be. Once this message is clear, you can be sure that everyone will perceive it as the big prize and the battle will begin.


Spoil your staff

Sometimes a motivation should come in the shape of a holiday, a luxurious one for that matter. What you need to understand is that on the long term, a raise is much more appreciated by the staff. However, this should be used as an on-going motivation. The holiday, on the other hand, should be regard as a short-term reward. If you have a time-limited project, then a trip is the best type of motivation. An exotic trip might not be something that members of your team would consider spending money on, so they will certainly feel spoiled and most importantly appreciated.


What is important to know about this type of staff motivation is that the trip makes the team struggle, it makes it work harder becoming a personal goal, but at the same time, it increases their sense of loyalty towards the company. Imagine the feeling you get, knowing the company you are working for has made several financial efforts to send you on an all inclusive trip to Cancun, for instance. Motivating your staff is something you will have to constantly encourage. It is up to you to decide on the method, but what matters is to understand that in the world of business, nothing comes for free. If you want to obtain profit, you must invest in all areas, including the staff.