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Posted on Oct 22, 2013 in Small Business

Great entrepreneurs are born or taught?

There is a constant question that never leaves people’s minds, and especially the ones of those working in the business field, and this concerns whether the really successful firm owners are simply born this way or develop along the path by having the best possible education and access to information.

Let’s put things in another way, how can you know whether it is the genes that make people brilliant in business or you need to spend a large amount of time and finance into pursuing the best educational institutions available for you, even go abroad at great expense, all just to obtain that profitable business and hit the financial jackpot? And what if you already passed beyond the age of colleges and need to start running you own company right away, will you be able to do so without that fancy education which most people, and competitors, have? In the same manner, one might ask himself whether struggling to get the perfect credentials and magna cum laude degree is all worth it, in the lack of proper in born qualities and the innate genius factor. All of these questions must not go unanswered and a number of persons studying this matter all over the world have issued a wide array of possible answers, depending on their beliefs and what they were trying to promote. But let us look at things from our point of view.

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Uneducated but intuitive business owners

First of all, anyone should consider the rule of the precedent. Do we know or have we ever heard about a company leader, or CEO, that never graduated from college? Of course, there is a multitude of persons that lead their businesses straight on the way to the ultimate financial and publicity success, and Steve Jobs is just one of the examples on a long list of business icons.


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Highly educated gratuates

Secondly, ask yourself how big the percentage of people finishing the world’s top business schools are and how much of these highly educated graduates end up running or working for top class firms? The answer is a lot! Regardless of the precise number, it is more than clear to any person with good deduction skills that once you are a part of a great educational institution, not only you are viewed differently and have an imposing resume, but also you are introduced into the world of business and can make a large number of important connections that will help you in the future.
As a conclusion, there are benefits both to following a fancy business university as well as there are a lot of reasons that make street smart people unbeatable in the real world of business. So the real solution is to take into account your own personality and drive or determination. With the right amount of perseveration, anything can be achieved and you can have success without the high class education, but in the lack of such oriented and dedicated instincts to survive, the business you will open might turn into ashes, if your knowledge is not backed up by a serious amount of professional classes. As our personal suggestion, always consider a partnership and start a company with two people collaborating at the top, an extremely intuitive leader and a greatly specialized one, to make sure you are always on the right way.